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Brian Haugen is more than just a Midwest, corn-fed, farm boy from Minnesota. He was a boy with a dream much larger than the rural surroundings he'd grown accustomed to. At the age of eighteen, Brian packed his bags and took off to explore life outside of Roseau. Naturally, one of his first stops was Los Angeles, the city of lights... a place he would inevitably be drawn back to by his love for the arts, culture, and performing. Furthermore, with his active lifestyle and affinity for the outdoors, the weather would be hard to beat!

​Brian began acting and modeling in Salt Lake City after completing his Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Brigham Young University. Upon moving to L.A. he immersed himself in studies at the New York Film Academy, The Groudlings, and several other reputable studios in town. Preparing his chops and sharpening his skills for television, national commercials, and independent films. Brian is an entrepreneur, world traveler, and true observer of life. It is his wealth of life experience that rounds out the characters he embodies. It is at the core of what makes Brian an ACTOR.



My Cosmetics Concept





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